sheilacassel: (knitting)
Sheila Cassel ([personal profile] sheilacassel) wrote2013-03-01 10:31 pm
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baby blankets, or the ease of redirecting my attention

I currently have four projects on the hook, one of which has a deadline.

Yet when my mom texts me and asks me if I can stitch up a quick baby blanket and beanie for a coworker who is due in about two weeks, I drop everything and spend hours hunting Ravelry for the perfect pattern.

Then bemoan the fact that I have to wait until morning to go and buy the yarn.

There’s a word for what is wrong with me. I just need to figure out what it is.


(p.s. I’d say the word is “ferret” but frankly I think ferret’s have a greater dedication to the task at hand.)

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